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  • Version1.4.5
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Developerthe Flamingo Games

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In Clash of Epic War, remain alive by manufacturing partnerships with your companions and construct a domain together. You and your partners should be set up for a conflict of honored position's fight. Build up your realm and beef up your armed forces - you're not by any means the only ones with eyes on the position of authority! You are not by any means the only ruler of building the domain! In this ongoing MMO system diversion, you are dependably past the world's masters. Ruler won't effectively surrender the position of authority. Intense your realm, vanquished the other kingdom, get the position of royalty, turn into the genuine lord of Clash of Epic War !

In Clash of Epic War, you will be a lord to oppose the intrusion of different players, secure realms and assets and vanquish the adversaries with your partners. The ascent of a noteworthy power is the two partners and your procedure in nature. In this conflict, partners can assist you with fighting with foes to get the position of royalty in the last conflict. Find the most ideal approach to vanquish foe warlords in this war!

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Reestablish the adjust of intensity in this vanquishing amusement by making the best kingdom ever! Enlist and overhaul your armed forces and rulers with incredible aptitudes to conflict in the fight! Construct and vanquish to make an exquisite realm. Investigate, vanquish, and conflict on the planet with different players keeping in mind the end goal to spare your realm! An ability ruler assumes an imperative part in the advancement of development. You will in the van of domain human advancement. War could be brutal, clashing even savage. Be that as it may, it could make a superior realm. You will be the lord in this conflict?

************ GAME FEATURES ************

Conflict with Various Heroes

I. Saint enlistment: general and propelled enrollment

II. Nature of saint: orange, purple, blue and green

III. Saint aptitude is never again updates with the legend redesign, players need to overhaul themselves in the wake of opening abilities.

IV. Overhaul expends saint understanding, advance devours comparing legend piece.

Gear Set, Crystal

I. Seven sorts of prepare sets, distinctive outfit sets with various characteristic buffs.

II. Six sort of prepare characteristics from white to red.

III. The higher nature of the sub-gear and materials is, the more prominent likelihood of creating higher quality hardware will be.

IV. Five sorts of gems, alongside the ascent of gem level, its trait expanded.

Reasonable Competition, Balanced Development

I. Upgrade the arrangement of your troops, diminish the trouble of weapon collocation.

II. Alter the system to make an overwhelming solid development!

III. Altogether diminish the compensation advantage, improve the significance of time gathering.

IV. The month to month card and membership income is bigger in COEW, lessen the benefit of bundling.

V. The improvement speed of time spending players is same as paying players.

Development Fighting

I. Assault adversary's mansion, loot their assets, get the position of authority and to be the lord!

II. Open the individual ability framework, acquiring your unique aptitudes.

III. Every player has the opportunity to scramble for the royal position.

Extensive World Map

I. Get into the far reaching world guide, unearth mineral, gather assets, and find the fortune.

II. With the ascent of beast level, you can get higher EXP things, assets, et cetera.

III. Research procedures for encourage improvement and fights, and so forth.

Worldwide Auto-interpretation System

I.Real-time correspondence and conflict with worldwide players, constant interpretation and cooperation.

II. Constant MMO fight activity vanquish a great many players around the world.

III. Make a worldwide coalition and climb the most noteworthy honored position.

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